Access Panels Belts and Hinges

Hinge Installation and Replacement Services

In order to be compliant with NFPA #96 an acceptable hinge kit needs to be installed in order for the AHJ to properly inspect the fan and duct. In addition to this requirement, an added benefit is to reduce the risk of breaking an electrical wire while cleaning the fan or duct. The technician will be able to open the fan easily without damage and properly clean the fan blades and scrape the duct with our magnetic scraper down to bare metal.

Sometimes a horizontal run needs to have an access panel cut into the duct. According to the NFPA #96, an access panel needs to be installed at least every 12 feet. Grease Stop uses Ductmate access panels in order to comply to the code.


Access Panels

One of the important reasons why an access panel must be inspected at each cleaning is to prevent any build up of grease in the horizontal ducts. The picture below shows that we have inspected and or cleaned this duct. To see what can be accumulated inside the duct here is a picture we took before we cleaned this hotel. One spark from the grill below can easily ignite the duct if grease is inside.


Fan Belts

Having your fan belt break on a Saturday night at the height of grilling those steaks will cause your kitchen to smoke up and possibly cause the fire suppression system to turn on resulting in shutting down your restaurant. This costly expense can be eliminated by changing your fan belts on a regular schedule while the hood system is being cleaned. This $25 expense is a good insurance to maintain always. As you can see below, this McDonald's fan belt was ready to break.