Our Customers

Our customers are located in Pennsylvania mostly on the east side of the state. As you know our office and trucks are in Reading, We do travel up to 3.5 hours away from Reading to service our customers. This is why we can do a small but also large franchise in the state. Yes, if we have a franchise owner that needs coverage outside of PA, we will not disappoint that customer. Nor will we charge him more to get there. Our customers are the reason why we are so successful because we make it our number one objective each year. We have no contracts but our customers do not leave us. If you currently have a national hood cleaning company or large local company in your area, you will probably have a contract, not to protect you the customer, but to commit to the vendor for the guaranteed revenue stream that they need to keep the many people on their payroll satisfied. We are not like that at all. First of all, our customer is the local sandwich shop in your neighborhood to the large national chains of McDonald's, Wendy's, Hardee's, Red Robin's, Burger King's, Chick-fil-A's, Olive Garden's. We also service large food chains, like the Giant Foods for the state. The local pub and church are just as important to Grease Stop as the Pocono Palace in Stroudsburg or the restaurants for the Hershey Entertainment Center in Hershey. We even service the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital in Wellsboro. We service schools, colleges, and retirement homes throughout the state. We service hotels like Holiday Inns and The Wyndhum in Gettysburg and Lebanon. We also clean the malls in PA, for example if you are in Bethlehem at the Promenade Mall, you are in good hands since we clean all the restaurants there, such as the Melt, Shula's, Red Robin, Pacifico, Kome to name a few. Most vendors would not disclose their customers for fear of losing them to the competition. They can try but won't succeed. You will see that we have trusting relationships and have a very high standard in quality with our accounts. Our customers are the reason why we grow. The strength of a company is the loyalty of the customer. If you need to get your customer locked in with a contract? You have a price customer and price vendor. If you have a customer that does not need a contract to stay with you then you have a relationship customer. By building a trust within two companies both companies will move forward together in a positive way and they will be successful. If not, you can go after a price contract and stay apart with only a signature holding it together and hope your customer renews the contract. We build and develop a trust throughout the year after year after year. Which company would you want to trust cleaning your hoods and Grease Lock with? Us or Them? You decide!